Rockstar and E3 don’t usually get on too well so it’s great that they still lick to tease and spoil us like the best of them

Rockstar have just released a batch of new images from the next GTA: Online DLC called ‘Ill Gotten Gains Pt1’ This is the first of a big two-part update coming to gamers this summer

“Due to a surge in high-end crime across southern San Andreas, demand for luxury goods and services is at an all-time high,” Rockstar teased. “Upscale merchants of all kinds are scrambling to fill their inventories to serve the newly wealthy. The first of two major deliveries this summer will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers in June.”

That’s the blurb, Rockstar didn’t go into too much detail about what to expect from this latest DLC but as you can see from the screens below it’s bordering on the ridiculous with gold jets and helicopters.

The update is expected to hit all 5 versions that are available (PS4, PS3, Xbox 36o, Xbox One and PC) although it could be the last we’ll see on last-gen machines