Sony trademarks a new Vita design. Let’s take a look at it.

Well well. It looks as if there is a brand new Playstation Vita on the way, if recent copyright acquisitions are to be believed.

Sony have filed a trademark on a redesigned model, which looks very similar to the current 2000 model, with one very unique difference – namely, a HDMI port on the left hand side of the new system.


It was spotted by Twitter feed @trademark_bot, an account that publishes applications for Japanese trademarks. Other notable difference are the lack of a power and volume buttons, that currently sit atop the current model.

But what does this PSVita’s new HDMI out mean? It appears Sony may be planning for life after the oncoming failure of Playstation TV, a microconsole designed to stream content and play physical Vita games. If the Vita itself can be connected to the TV, it would naturally make this system redundant, so long as it includes PS4 streaming and remote play, which is more than likely.

If the Dual Shock 4 could be synced the system, that’s another big step and will kill of the Playstation TV. Sony are seemingly still in love with the idea of the console, but are looking for ways to make it better in the future. The extra two shoulder buttons on a Dual Shock 4 is also a positive step for the proposed system.

We’ll wait to find out and see if anything really comes from this. We of course don’t know if it’s real or not, and we can only speculate on the idea. Sony aren’t known to be jokers about this kind of thing, mind.

This could be legit. We’ll keep a weather eye on this particular horizon here at PSGamer.

Source [Wired]