Opinion: Could the EA subscription service signal the end of PlayStation Now?

EA have recently announced their very own game subscription service, an access programme currently only for Xbox one which allows gamers to subscribe for $5 ($3.99) a month and have access to EA’s vast library of games. Currently there are only a few available NFL, FIFA and Battlefield, but the prospect is quite mouth-watering.

Not for Sony however. In a recent interview with Game Industry Sony said that after they had evaluated the idea, decided against joining because it didn’t fit with their current PlayStation plans. Sony claim that their own PS Plus subscription service is up 200 per cent and thus gamers liked a wider range of material available to download.

EA Access

That’s fair enough, but lets not forget that Sony has PlayStation Now, Sony’s other online service allowing gamers with a subscription to ‘rent’ games from Sony’s vast back catalogue of games on the PS4 and other devices. A perfect idea for all those old PS3 games you wish you could still play. Regardless of costs, it’s a great idea.

My worry now is this, Since Sony has snubbed EA I wonder if EA will then get the hump and stop Sony using their games on the PS Now service. You know how complex all this licensing can be –  This of course hasn’t been confirmed and is just my speculation. If this happens to be the case, then that’s a whole lot of games that won’t be available from PS Now, and perhaps the start of some grim times for PSNow

But what could be even more worrying is if the video game industry decided to go the way of music. Streaming is everything at the moment, with the likes of Spotify giving people a near infinite amount of music for a small monthly subscription, even free if you don’t mind the adverts. Then for film and TV there is Netflix and Love Film. both offering movies and tv shows for streaming, again for a monthly subscription.

If EA’s subscription service turns out to be a striking success, could that mean that other companies would follow suit? Ubisoft, Activision, Square Enix, all have a lot of top games in their library and could also make a subscription service work. That being the case then Sony will do the same with them as they did with EA, and tell them it’s not in the plans for PlayStation. What that basically means is that Sony wouldn’t want third parties potentially taking away customers from its own subscription service.

So, imagine then that this did happen, these top publishers will then no longer allow their games to be used with PS Now leaving gamers  with just Sony’s own first party games to play. Given the cost of ‘renting’ PSNow games, this service might not appear to be the gaming utopia we have all imagined the service to be.


Don’t get me wrong, Sony has a strong back catalogue of games which I wouldn’t mind playing again via PS Now, but until Sony reveal the final costs, be it per game or a monthly subscription, I won’t be signing up until I know that I will be able to access all the games I want, and not just those from Sony.

Paul Collett

Co-founder of this site, been gaming since Clive invented the Spectrum. Been a Sony fan ever since Nintendo messed up the SNES CD deal.


    • alex
    • July 30

    This is true. I was thinking the exact same thing when EA announced their own service. EA’s is arguably better, epsecially since you can download the game, and not just stream it.

    • Brian
    • July 30

    Playstation Now looks way more interesting. EA doesn’t make many good games anymore.

  1. I’m really looking forward to Sony finally releasing PSNow prices, $5 for 4 hours is so bad. But I can’t see that being the final price scheme

    • Robert
    • July 30

    As far as the newly announced EA Access, Sony said it did not accept the EA Access program because it felt it did not bring “good value”. That is bull! The PS Now is a freaking joke!!! With EA Access you pay $5 dollars a month and you have access to a bunch of games for unlimited time during that month. On the other hand with the PS Now you pay $5 dollars and you can only play ONE GAME for 2 HOURS!!!! What a freaking joke!!!!

    Then there was this announcement made from the Sony Camp:


    • jb227
    • July 30

    “have access to EA’s vast library of games.”

    Did I miss something? I haven’t heard that this service will ever offer EA’s full library, only that “more are coming soon”. What that most likely means is that more will come to take the place of the previous ones. I highly doubt this service will ever have more than 4-5 games at a time on it, and most of those games will be a year or so old. The demos for upcoming titles look promising, but there is no chance in hell that those full games release on the service day & date, otherwise they wouldn’t be touting the ability to transfer saves. EA has a history of lying & not being forthcoming, why are people trusting that this is some great service, calling out Sony, a company who are no doubt privy to more of the actual details that we aren’t yet for denying the service when it’s just as likely that this will be the rip-off it’s destined to be? Bottom line is EA are not going to be offering up their full catalog, along w/ brand new games for 5$ a month, it’s just not ever going to happen. If EA dug into their back catalogs & actually made a large amount of classic games available then the service could be worthwhile, but since when did EA ever do anything decent for consumers at the risk of a potential buck for themselves? I don’t understand people making a big deal over this. The article does raise a good point about other companies possibly following suit & opting out of Playstation Now though, but that would be a disservice to consumers in the end. If Sony are able to come up w/ a subscription model, wouldn’t it be easier on our pocketbooks to pay a one-time fee for access to everything as opposed to paying monthly fees to a half dozen companies?

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