Carmegeddon: Max Damage Review

Now loading….humor for 13-year-olds.

I started the game off hopeful that the game be an updated, current gen bloodbath that would force the player to face the opponents on the tracks, but it became apparent that this just wasn’t the case. The first thing I noticed?  Appalling load times. This is probably the biggest throwback to 90’s gaming.  The game gives you ample time to grab a drink after you are set to play. Next up, open tracks.

You’d think open tracks would be a perk.  There’s definitely a lot of room to move around and many paths to take. However, when you have only five opponents, this just isn’t the case when your goal is to destroy every other car and you can go minutes without seeing another car. On top of this, there are game modes that require you to mow down pedestrians and cross checkpoints for more time. Now for the biggest headache of the game, the control.

Combined with the wide spaces and minimal opponents, we have awful controls. The cars handle like a cartoon fawn on ice. I can’t blame this on realistic car mechanics, because they are so random. Sometimes the brakes work. Other times, despite using points to completely repair my vehicle, it appeared as if someone had cut my lines and there was no reaction. The response was also piss poor. I would perform one action while the car just carried on its merry way.

Worse yet, if you get stuck with one of the massive tools of destruction like the spiked ball and chain. This is when the physics within the game become both realistic and truly mind-numbing. Your car is nearly undrivable as the weight of the ball will whip your car around and make you an instant target that can’t escape the extremely poor AI of the opponents and little meter maid car that are seemingly programmed to just target the players car and nothing else. Above all, the worst part of these tools is they aren’t explained and the controls to access and activate them during live play are not integrated well at all.

I would have like to comment on all the game modes, however I was only able to try career mode and freeplay since I only ever saw two or three available online games within the multiplayer mode listed and I either wasn’t able to connect to them, being told I was disconnected and to check my connection, or because the game was no longer available despite being listed after the refresh.  By the way, just play career mode if you do purchase this game since you won’t earn points to further your career within freeplay.  Considering this game is now available for purchase, it’s definitely disappointing that the game isn’t fully playable online.

Graphically the game just isn’t up to par for current gen consoles.  The graphics are plain, uninteresting, and really don’t seem to belong on your PS4 or Xbox One. I would compare the graphics to early PS3 or Xbox 360 titles, and even that is being kind. There are barrels used to gain currency, perks and punishments that are just eyesores. The animations within the game are nearly single frame switches and make the pedestrians seem more like cheap drawings than people for how the move.

Speaking of pedestrians, 90% are morbidly obese people.  When they aren’t these massive mouth-breathers, the people are mostly disabled and get around in wheelchairs or are incredibly old people.  More often than not, when you mow someone down with your death machine you are slapped in the face with the same two screen achievements “BACON SLICER!” or “MERCY KILLING!”.  I know, tweens reading this are scrabbling for their parents credit cards right now to snag this title, but how many adults find anything alluring about killing the same wheelchair bound guy or bloated chick in hot pants over and over again?

To sum it all up, what we have here is a title that offers little action, poor control, dense AI, plain maps, and a total lack of forethought. I would have liked to see if the multiplayer offered more in the way of direct competition and actual intelligence, but considering the game won’t allow me to connect to other games, I can’t grade it at all.

Maybe it’s because gaming was simpler back then, maybe it’s because groups of friends had to get together to play console games since online play wasn’t an option, or maybe it’s because we were kids and found games like Carmageddon hilarious. None of those feelings are here for Max Damage.


Carmegeddon: Max Damage

Carmegeddon: Max Damage is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review we were provided with a review code.


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