Street Fighter V characters that didn’t make the cut

Capcom have lifted the lid on some of the Street Fighter V characters that didn’t make into the final game.

Which is a shame really as some of theme sounded quite imaginative and could being a whole new layer of moves and skill to the legendary fighting game. My favourite has to be Soccer Fighter (clearly no names were created) as it brings pictures of Shaolin Soccer. What’s not to like about that. Also a robot combatant. That would be a first for Street Fighter as far as I know. He (or she) could have caused havoc. Anyway take a look at what ¬†Capcom deemed not good enough for Street Fighter V

Fighting Literary Master


You need wits, not only power, in a fight! He’s an old man that constantly grumbles to himself. The pen is not mightier than the sword in this game, however.

Fighting President


This character idea also came up during Street Fighter IV. Seems like Akiman also came up with an idea for a fighting politician.

Clumsy Cutie1467345843-clumsy-cutie

When this cutie starts fighting, her clothes start becoming more tattered due to her clumsiness. Uses tools when fighting. This idea came about when we were coming up for designs for Laura

Miss Babo1467346074-miss-babo

This also came around when we were coming up for designs for Laura. She understood the hardships that Laura had when she was born. Even though we already had a name for her, she got cut

Soccer Fighter1467346074-soccer-fighter

The Brazilian male representative. Way too similar to Roberto from Rival Schools, so he got the cut. BTW, Roberto was one of my favorite characters!

Gen’s Disciple1467346074-gens-disciple

A dark characteHe’s a young, ambitious fighter that learned Gen’s Assassin’s Fist and continued its legacy. r that would battle Necalli. He’s a young, ambitious fighter that learned Gen’s Assassin’s Fist and continued its legacy.

Gen had fallen ill due to disease, and he sought to defeat Akuma, one of Gen’s rivals. He didn’t make the cut, so don’t worry, Gen is alive and well!

The Teacher


An idea that we had when brainstorming ideas for F.A.N.G. At the time we wanted a character that used dark weapons and poison hands. He was a popular choice but wasn’t evil enough, so he got nixed

Prototype Shadaloo Soldier1467346074-prototype-shadaloo-soldier

A design that takes inspiration from the Aliens vs. Predator franchise. If you look at it like that, this Shadaloo soldier is pretty idyllic.

So, they are the characters lost in Capcom’s art department. Who knows, They may make an appearance as DLC or maybe they’re saving them for Street Fighter V1

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