SNES comes alive again with Wild Guns Reloaded E3 trailer

One trailer that caught my eye at E3 was Wild Guns Reloaded. Total retro overloadI saw this trailer and the first thing I thought was Konami’s Sunset Riders is coming back, One of my favourite arcade games and SNES conversions. Its no however but it’s the next best thing! Wild Guns Reloaded is a gallery shooter and it looks amazing, capturing the look and feel of old SNES Games perfectly. There is good reason for this of course, That’s because Wild Guns first appeared on the SNES 22 years ago!! I’m a little bit in love with the fact that Natsume Atari are keeping with the 16-bit graphics and sound rather than using modern-day renderings, That’s one way to both keep the fans happy and the magic alive.

Wild Guns Reloaded features, two new characters with their own weapons and tactics, a 1-4 player mode plus new stages and bosses.

This gets my vote, check out the trailer below. No release date has been set, but it’s coming to PS4. Awesome



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