We’ve all seen fan made films based on games, and for the most part, they are all better than their big screen Hollywood attempts. 

In a way it’s kind of easy to make a fan film, get some one to dress up, and film them shooting or whatever. What is a lot more tricky is getting the feel of the game. A game by its nature is kind easy to direct, you can place the camera where you want, it can sweep across terrain without the constraints of real world physics.

But this latest fan movie of Uncharted from Freakin Rad  isn’t just a bloke dressed up as Nathan Drake. It’s more than that. It’s managed to capture the smooth camera angles found in Uncharted 4. The effect was managed by using a Dji Inspire 1 drone, and took two men to operate. One to pilot the drone and one to use the camera. And the it was all filmed in one continuous shot, which gives that super smooth effect of the camera angle changing but staying locked on the player. It’s great Check it out below and make sure to watch the behind the scenes video after

Here is the Uncharted 4 E3 demo so you can see how good the real life version si

Here is the behind the scenes video