Sony’s monthly offering of games to PS Plus members have received mixed reviews, some loving the indie-centric games, while others want more AAA stuff.

Well if this rumour is to be believed. May could offer gamers one the best AAA games out there (in my humble opinion after playing through the whole game again recently), Watch Dogs. The other little treat in store is Tetris Ultimate.

The rumour started when a photo appeared on Reddit from a German PSN account showing both Watch dogs and Tetris. There are no other details surrounding the photo, if it turns out to be true. Gamers are in for a treat.


Watch Dogs was not particularly well received upon launch mainly because of the deceptive E3 trailer, but once you forget that and play the game for what it is, it’s still one of the finest open worlds created, definitely one of the most immersive. and a damn good game. And if it turns out to be free to PS Plus members then you really can’t loose.