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PS4K Mega Leak: Price, GPU 2x that of PS4, PS4K dev kits already in the wild

A new leak shows promising specs and price of the much rumoured PS4K.

Of NeoGaf. How I love you so. Verified tipster OsirisBlack has leaked a whole load of PS4K details which all-but-confirm that there is no smoke without fire.

The NeoGaf user stated that in a meeting he or she was in yesterday, the PS4K was discussed in detail. Here’s a TL;DR summary;

  • The PS4K will cost between $399.99 and $499.99
  • The cost will depend on what CPU Sony decide to use in the final design – 2 are currently in contention.
  • The GPU in the PS4K is twice as powerful as the one that used in the PS4
  • The PS4K will have a 4K Blu-Ray player
  • It will upscale games to 4K resolution
  • The PSVR lounge media app will get a substantial upgrade with the PS4K
  • Developers already have PS4K dev kits and are developing games to utilise the extra power it will provide
  • Games that are developed for PS4K will still work on a PS4 but will take a performance hit
  • Current PS4 games could get performance upgrades to make the most of PS4K via a patch…
    • …But this will be “per game and per developer” and is only likely to happen for “a handful of games.”
  • PSVR will be functional with PS4K and some games are already scheduled to make use of the extra GPU speed.
    • EVE: Valkyrie
    • Robinson’s: The Journey
    • Gran Turismo Sport
  • The long in development Deep Down and God of War 4 (God of Four! Thanks Ross) will both use PS4K
  • There is no plans for a PS4 to PS4K trade in/upgrade service

There we have it. A lot of information to take in at once but there are a few positive take-away’s for the 37 million current PS4 owners. The fact that games targeting PS4K releases will still run on PS4 is a good sign and means we won’t have to upgrade to play new games – even if it won’t be at their 4K best.


Our take;
To some, the PS4K will seem unnecessary when we are only 3 years into a console life cycle but Sony obviously feel that there is room in the market for a higher-spec console, no matter how unpopular it is with current PS4 owners. The probability is that the PS4.5 is a knee jerk reaction to the looming release of the NX which is rumoured to be more powerful than the PS4.

Also, Sony have historically used their console’s to help drive their success in other markets. The PlayStation 1 helped them deliver disk based gaming, the PlayStation 2 drove home DVD adoption, the PlayStation 3 spurred on their HD TV sales as well as help Blu-Ray win the battle against HD-DVD. It makes business sense for Sony to expand their console business with PS4K to assist some of their failing products AKA their 4K TV’s which are rapidly falling in price and are likely to approach an affordable level by the Holiday season, 2016.

Of course, this is unlikely to be a popular move with the ~37 million gamers that have already purchased a console from Sony in the past 3 years and expected it to last for an entire generation.

What is your take? Angry that Sony want to release a PS4.5 so shortly after the launch of the PS4? Should Sony save the significant boost in CPU and GPU performance and launch this model as a PS5 in a few years time? Or are the Japanese tech company justified to launch a more powerful console to accommodate PSVR and to combat the release of the NX? Head to the comments section and have an angry shout about it.

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    • Chris Andrews
    • March 31

    I personally think it’s a shrewd move. I know I’ll upgrade and will start saving the pennies now to accommodate it. It would be good if Sony did do a trade in program, although some of the retail outlets might offer it independently like they do for games etc. I’ll await an official press release…

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