Surprise! PS2 classics Bully and ultra-violent Manhunt have been remastered and released for PS4 this morning.

Yes, you read that right. Without any prior announcement, Bully (known in Europe as Canis Canem Edit) and Manhunt released on the PS4 today – but only in the EU – for £11.99/ €14.99

The 4th and 5th Playstation 2 games by Rockstar to be re-released for the PS4, these 2 were high up on peoples wish lists, including our own – and they both come with Platinum trophies!

For those that missed them back on the PS2, here is a brief synopsis of each game;


Set in the fictional and bully filled school Bullworth Academy, this open-world action-adventure game you play as James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a student who is involuntarily enrolled as an attempt to correct his unruly behavior. He has to attend classes and work his way up ranks within in his school with the aim to bring peace to the warring bully gangs within the school walls.



This ultra-violent stealth game tests you to escape murderous gangs all baying for your blood. Using an array of weaponry – sickles, baseball bats, crowbars, plastic bags, knives, etc, etc – you have to make your own survival snuff film. Not one for the faint of heart.

As of writing, there is no news on a release for Bully or Manhunt in any other territory but we will keep you posted should we hear anything.

Rockstar have previously released remastered version of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas as well as Max Payne for the PS4. This leaves only Midnight Club, The Warriors and Red Dead Revolver as the remaining PS2 game they developed that are not now on the PS4. Keep your fingers crossed…