Sony working on a PS4.5?

The PS4K may just about to become a reality.

If Kotaku‘s recent article is anything to go by, we may be seeing a more powerful, upgraded PS4 in the near future.

Developer sources have told Kotaku that a new version of the console, with increased power and the ability to run 4K games is currently in development at Sony.

It’s unclear right now if current PS4 owners can upgrade their original system or if they’ll have to buy a new device but it seems Sony has started informing developers of their plans.

Developers that spoke to the website are referring to the system as ‘PS4.5’ or ‘PS4K’, which we prefer, to be honest. I will include an upgraded GPU with the ability to support high-end 4K resolution, and add more processing power to support the upcoming PlayStation VR, which currently needs an external processing box to be used on the standard system.

It’s interesting and proves Sony’s dedicated to keeping up with PC in terms of resolution, improving on the current 1080p, the standard for PS4. The PS4 can output 4K video and photos, but not games. The ‘PS4K’ upgrade would enable the system to produce enough power to generate 4K gaming experiences, thanks to that new GPU.

It would also give the PlayStation VR a bit more juice in order to compete with Oculus and HTC Vive.

Head over to Kotaku for the full story.


Source [Kotaku]

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