It’s a small thing but it’s something to go on. An off screen shot has been released from No Man’s Sky detailing alien species and various dialogue options.

As you can see from the solitary screen we see an alien called Korvax Entity, who is said to speak “slowly, calmly and considerately” Which is kind of what you need if you don’t yet understand this particular aliens language. For that you’ll need to find obelisks throughout the game, erm, universe.

There are also some dialogue options on display, not unlike Mass Effect. In case you can’t read from the screen, the options are:

  1. Thank the Entity, and take its offering
  2. Offer the Korvax Entity something from your inventory
  3. Attempt to explain that you are a peaceful creature
  4. Ask for help learning the Alien’s language

So it looks like No Mans’ Sky is more than just flying around pretty planets. Looks like there is some gaming involved after all.

No Man’s Sky releases on PS4 and PC this June