Prepare to get prehistoric with Far Cry Primal.

Another day, another video showcasing the creation of Far Cry Primal. Ubisoft are assuredly getting right behind this game, and after yesterdays commission of a stone living room, we now have a look at how they brought the Stone Age right back into the modern day with that unique Far Cry twist.

We’re yet to play Far Cry Primal, and though we’re excited to see more we hope we haven’t had it blown for us by the extensive outpouring of details from Ubi themselves. We’re big fans of the series (Far Cry 4 is still played in the office to this day, and was my first ever Platinum) and so we’re going to get deep into Primal to see if we can cause as much havoc as have done in previous titles. No Troy Baker in a pink suit though, which is unfortunate.

Far Cry Primal is due on February 23rd. Look out for much more on the game around that time.

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