The first batch of Just Cause 3’s DLC has been announced.

Square Enix have today revealed the first of the Just Cause 3 Season Pass DLC.

Due for release in March (a week earlier for those lucky Season Pass holders), Sky Fortress will add three to four hours of fresh gameplay including challenges and new missions. The content will also include the Bavarium Wingsuit, a new flying suit that adds rockets and machine guns to your flying wingsuit. Yes, rockets and machine guns. Defensive drones and a new Bavarium Splitter assault rife will also be included.

Square Enix have also announced the final two packs of DLC that will complete the Season Pass. The Mech Land Assault Pack will add a mech to the game as well as new missions and challenges, this will be followed by the Bavarium Sea Heist expansion. All are set for release before the end of the summer this year.

That’s a nice bunch of new DLC to see the game through for the rest of the year. We’re fans of the game here at PSGamer Towers, despite it needing a bunch more things to do other than overturning fortresses and blowing up stuff with red lines on it. It looks like the DLC will do just the trick for the time being.

The question is though, will there be more David Tennant? I mean, that’s all that really matters.