I’ve started playing my way through Watch Dogs, a game that I never got to finish because, well it wasn’t that good first time around. However, since picking it up again, I actually love it, It’s a slick smart game with some great stealth, amazing graphics. good shooting mechanics and the hacking, although not quite what was promised, added something extra to the proceedings. I do encourage gamers to pick it up again if you didn’t get to finish it first time.

Anyways, with my new-found interest in Watch Dogs. I started searching away for some news about Watch Dogs 2. It appears that Kotaku have some tasty information regarding the potential new game.

According to the report, the game is well into development and could hit as early as Autumn this year. The theory being that it will replace this years Assassin’s Creed now that game has gone for a makeover and skipping a year.

Further, the report states that the location could be San Fransisco. Doing away with the wet and windy Chicago altogether.

Of course Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but CEO Eves Guillmot has said previously that he doesn’t know if main protagonist Aiden Pearce will be appearing in the sequel.  Jonathan Morin, Creative Director has also suggested that the sequel would take more risks to appeal to a new audience.Add to that the fact that Watch Dogs 2 appeared on the CV of the senior programme developer (which has now been removed)

I’m not sure if we will see Watch Dogs 2 this year, seeing as any google searches reveal very little, normally by now there would be something hanging, hidden away on the internet. An announcement and trailer at this years E3 is more likely, hopefully a real trailer this time, and not some fancy pants PC demo.

For now, I would take this with a pinch of salt, until further news emerges. What would you all like to see in Watch Dogs 2?