Well, this is interesting.

Shy from playing copious hours of Grand Theft Auto Online, us here at PSGamer were finished with GTA V a long time ago. After seeing everything the astonishing world of Los Santos had to offer us, we’ve all moved on and yet, there’s always an itch to disappear back to the worst city in the world and just tear it to pieces all over again. Especially if it means spending more time with the games terrific protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Talking of Franklin, his motion capture and voice actor Shawn Fonteno has uploaded this picture to Instagram, in full motion-capture suit sitting in a room that looks like it is almost definitely the Rockstar Games offices.


Now, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves (honest), but could this mean the long rumoured Story DLC could well be on its way at some point? Rockstar has never confirmed it even exists, but have also never denied that it’s never coming. We could be shooting for the stars here though, for all we know this could have been shot during the original motion capture shoot for the original game. We’re just speculating here.

We’d love to see more story content for GTA V, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one.