Need for Speed

Sign up for the closed Need for Speed beta

Get ahead in the upcoming beta for EA’s Need for Speed.

EA have revealed the registration site for those who wanna get involved with their upcoming closed beta, dates to be confirmed.

The beta will appear on PS4 and Xbox One, head here if you want to sign up and get on the track long before your non-beta player friends.

If we were betting men (which we are sometimes, but not right now) we’d wager that the beta will appear in the first week of October with the date of Need For Speeds full release due on the 5th November.

Don’t forget that Need for Speed requires an internet connection, so this beta will be all about server stability. When has that gone wrong for EA in the past?

Ross Keniston

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    • Chris
    • September 13

    Looks kl

    • Chris
    • September 13

    Looks really kl

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