Heavenly Sword


Developed by Ninja Theory, Heavenly Sword was an adventure brawler with a female protagonist – Nariko. As much a fantastic game as it was a tech demo for some of the Dualshock 3 controller features, Heavenly Sword became a hit for Sony, selling a million copies in the space of a few months. Ninja Theory had already penned a sequel but production never got off the ground. Sony do still own the IP and rumours were that a sequel was in development at Sony’s Cambridge studio but was cancelled. Sony – I think it is time Nariko dusted off the Heavenly Sword and got ready for a PS4 return, don’t you?



The great-grandfather of modern-day shooters, SOCOM was a major title for Sony on the PS2. The 3rd person shooter created realistic fire fights with a more tacticle edge – think Battlefield meets Operation Flashpoint. The SOCOM games boasted a dedicated online community who were still playing the games 10 years after their release. Unfortunately, the future of the series was cast into doubt when the developer Zipper were moved onto other projects, including MAG and Unit 13, before being shuttered back in 2012. The impact of the series can still be felt in todays Call of Duty and Battlefield games and fans of the series are hoping that H-Hour: Worlds Elite, a Kickstarted spiritual successor to SOCOM may be able to fill the gap when it arrives on the PS4.



Survival Horror games are having a bit of a turbulent time at the moment with the last outings of Resident Evil and Silent Hill leaving many unsatisfied. Of course, The Evil Within may come along and re-invigorate the genre but if it falls short, Sony do have a white horse they could ride in on – Siren. A series that was never commercial successful, Siren was a genuinely scary and unforgiving survival horror game that endeared itself to most who played it. If Sony are looking to “own” a particular genre, throwing a AAA budget at Siren and sorting some of the issues with the originals design could mean that the PS4 becomes the home of survival horror this generation.



Sir Daniel Fortesque’s return is well over due. Could we see him on the PS4? The MediEvil games were never at the forefront of innovation or level design but they borrowed the best bits of other games, combined them together with a charming cartoon gothic art style and produced a winning formulae. Apart from Knack, Sony does not have any other exclusives that are aimed towards the younger gamers and a PS4 version of MediEvil could entice the mums and dads as well as the kids to their now-gen machine.

The Getaway


Grand Theft Auto once had a major competitor in The Getaway. This PS2 open world crime game had you racing through the streets of London, chasing down gangsters and going on a revenge filled shooting spree. It was brilliant. Unfortunately, a PS3 sequel disappeared into obscurity and never saw the light of day. Could Sony bring The Getaway back from the dead and release it on the PS4? Here’s hoping.

Honorable mentions
Patapon, PaRappa The Rapper & Ape Escape
– As much as I would love to see these games arrive on the PS4, I believe that a PS Vita version of these franchises would serve Sony better than a PS4 version. Disagree? Tell me in the comments.

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