Get ready to die, die, die and die again. Spelunky is coming to the PS4 as a current-gen exclusive in 2014. Need I say more?

InFamous First Light


InFamous Second Son introduced to us an array of interesting characters but the stand out character was Fetch. The neon-fuelled drug-dealer-hating smart mouth is set to get her own stand-alone adventure, detailing the events before Second Son which will be a PS4 exclusive.

The Talos Principle


Almost everything that Devolver Digital get involved with turns to gold, so when The Talos Principle was announced on stage at E3 2014 as a timed PS4 console exclusive, we knew it was something to get excited about. A first person puzzle game, The Talos Principle is a non-linear brain teaser complete with lasers and crates. The game is due to see its release on PS4 before the end of 2014.

The Witness


Coming from the enigmatic developer Jonathan Blow and his team, The Witness first broke cover at the PS4 unveiling event. Even then it looked like something quite special but it seems to get more and more appealing every time we see it. Amazingly, the games secrets have yet to be revealed but we don’t have long to wait as the game is set to release as a timed PS4 exclusive in the Fall.



DriveClub has a torrid time in development. Initially a launch title, the social driving sim has had delay after delay and seen several members of its development staff leave Evolution studio – but the finish line is in sight. October 8th. Put it on your calendars.



There can never be too many top-down shooters, amirite? Helldivers is set in an apocalyptic future on a randomly generated map where up to 4 players must complete tasks while trying to survive. The game will also feature a difficulty level called “Hell Dive” – obviously this will not be a walk in the park.

Aaru’s Awakening


Aaru’s Awakening was originally a school project but after it started to win game awards, developers Luminox decided to release in for the PC. If you do a quick Google search for the game, I think you will agree that it looks bloody gorgeous and it features an interesting teleportation mechanic where the main character shoots out his soul.


o1 (1)

This free-to-play MMO was a bit of a mystery to me when I first started this list but the more I have read, the more it sounds interesting. If you ignore the fact that the game seems to be populated entirely with almost-naked women, it is a fast action MMO with an interchangeable weapon system and even though it is an MMORPG, you can travel with up to 8 NPC’s (which, for a predominantly single-player gamer like myself, is a nice touch).

Planetside 2


The PC smash hit shooter Planetside 2 is coming to the PS4 in 2014. The lucky folk who got to get some hands on time at E3 2014 have had some glowing reports of its progress and it looks like the PS4 version is to look similar to the PC Ultra graphics setting.

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