The 40 PS4 Exclusives That Are Still To Come In 2014

LittleBigPlanet 3


Probably the best kept secret of E3 2014, LittleBigPlanet 3 took us all by surprise when it appeared on stage. New levels, new creation tools and new characters are building the next Sackboy adventure into a must play game. LittleBigPlanet 3 is a Playstation exclusive and will arrive in November 2014. We can Play, Create, Share all over again.



Sword fighting. The sport of kings. Or is that Pirates? I can never remember. Anyway, Nidhogg is a stylistic 2D sidescroller which pits 2 players against each other in a sword fight to the death. Do not let the pixelated graphics put you off – Nidhogg is one of the best couch multiplayer you will ever own and is releasing on the PS4 this summer.

Akibas Trip: Undead & Undressed


Eastern sensibilities do not often play very well here in the West but fans of the Akibas Trip series are getting pumped for the latest game which releases on July 3rd in Japan. Scantily clad ladies will obviously be present.



Pavilion is set to introduce something quite unique to gaming – “Fourth-person puzzles”. It is a game without explanations or tutorials and relies on the players intelligence to solve the mysteries presented to you – something quite refreshing that will be landing on the PS4 this summer.



Honeyslug previously created the weird but wonderful Frobisher Says for the Playstation Vita but now, with the help of Sony Santa Monica and Richard Hogg, they are set to release Hohokum on the PS4 on August 12th. The game features a wacky graphical style similar to Honeyslugs previous title, but this time you play as a serpent creature in a relaxed open world adventure of exploration.



2D side-scrolling and Stealth are not words that are not normally spoken in the same sentence but CounterSpy is bringing both in bucket loads. The game takes place during an alternative cold war period setting where you are on a top secret mission to prevent the U.S. and USSR from going to war with one another. The art and game play are bold – think Stealth Inc meets James Bond – and it is due to land on Playstation platforms later this year.



Greek mythology combines with a stunning art style to bring Apotheon to life. Styled like the murials and tapestries of the age, Apotheon tells the story of humanities last champion as he travels through the land of the dead, infiltrates Mount Olympus and takes on Zeus and Co. Apotheon is due out as a timed PS4 exclusive later in 2014.

Race The Sun


You had better pack some factor 50 sun screen when Race The Sun arrives on the PS4 later this year. The idea is to attempt to out run the sun by staying out of its rays for as long as possible. Race the Sun has already had a very warm (perhaps more appropriate to say hot?) reception on Steam thanks to it’s aesthetics and fun gameplay.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies


Blast ‘Em Bunnies will also be arriving on the 3DS when it is released but the only home console it will be appearing on in 2014 is the PS4. The aim is to protect your burrow from a horde of evil bunnies using a variety of rabbit-related weaponry, such as the Carrot Rifle or Watermelon Pip Machine gun. Add in your own rampant rabbit joke here.

Hotline Miami 2

HLM2 Screen 5-noscale

It will soon be time to don the jacket and mask once again as Hotline Miami 2 is set to beat its way onto Playstation platforms in 2014. If you have played the original, you know exactly why you should be excited about the sequel – twitch game play, vivid palette and ultra violent gore. The official Hotline Miami twitter account recently tweeted that HM2 will feature 60 mps (murders per second) on the PS4. Can. Not. Wait.

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    • Wil
    • June 17

    Lol you said “Sperlunky” twice. It is spelled Spelunky!

    • The Truth
    • June 17

    That’s mostly indie trash, LAME!

    • Daniel Lawson
    • June 17

    that’s a bunch of timed exclusives and games on PCs… H1Z1 isn’t even started development for PS4 and that was straight from the developers mouth at E3

  1. Derp. Fixed. Twice.

    • Anders
    • June 17

    There is no chance that H1Z1 is coming to PS4 this year they have spent a year porting PlanetSide and that’s not ready yet.

  2. That’s true, but I think SOE would be developing the game with an easy PS4 port in mind. It took the devs 8 months to port Shadow Warrior to PS4 and that required a complete middleware rework. If SOE are smart, the port could be completed in a matter of a few months.

  3. And Spellcheck strikes again. Fixed.

    • DT
    • June 17

    In Race The Sun, you have to stay in the sunlight. Your ship is powered by the sun. If you stay out of the rays of light, you lose.

    • John Nemesh
    • June 17

    And every one will be more fun than ANYTHING coming to the Xbox. I will take this “trash” any day over crap like Forza and Sunset Overhype!

    • IAmYourWorstNightmare
    • June 18

    You call InFamous First Light, Driveclub, The Last of Us Remastered, Helldivers, Planetside 2, LittleBigPlanet 3, MotoGP 14, Deep Down, H1Z1, etc. indie trash? Piss off! Besides indies are great to have between the big releases.

    People like you are the reason why Xbox One will never have indies. Happy drought! šŸ™‚

    • thetruth
    • June 18

    oh shut the fuck up they haven’t even released PlanetSide 2 for the PS4 and you’re talking about a 2014 release for H1Z1, a game that’s in pre-alpha.. its not even released as an early access steam game on the initial schedule *first 4 weeks*

    • RussellGorall
    • June 18

    You are REALLY reaching if you are including games that the developer said last week were not coming to PS4.

  4. Can I ask which of these you think will not be coming to the PS4?

    • Mass Affection
    • June 18

    The Witness is coming out this year? cool šŸ™‚ Anyway I’m actually excited to try out the new F2P games like Kingdom Under Fire 2.

    • The Truth
    • June 18

    You are a lame $0NĀ„ pauper that can’t afford proper gaming. Your Facebook and profile picture shows as much. You are trash!

  5. We like a bit of healthy banter here but try to refrain from flaming. It’s not big and it is not clever.

    • Badabingbadabooom
    • June 18

    Games enough for me, i havePS+ and the games i get. is enough for 2014
    Nut I want to Play:
    TLoU remasterd, driveclub, infamous FL , MGP 14, helsdiver, loadout, new N tasty, LBP3 and then al the third party games coming THIS year for PS4.

    The PS4 has no games in 2014? Only in eyes of an xbot like THE TRUTH
    But thats far far from the truth. PlayStation gamers know this.

    • George
    • June 18

    As a big fan of Playstation myself I must see that if you really think Sunset Overdrive is going to be a bad game. You need to look behind the “I HATE THIS GAME BY DEFAULT BECAUSE IT ISN’T ON PLAYSTATION!” Look past that Insomniac Games created Spyro, Ratchet & Clank & Resistance. They own the rights to NONE of these series. They have every right as a developer to own the rights to their series especially with their standing as a formally top tier developer of exclusives. They made Ratchet & Clank games for 12 years yet they don’t own the rights to the series.

    They brought this series to Sony first but asked if they could maintain the rights. Sony said no. So they asked Microsoft. Microsoft said yes. That is ALL there is to the story.

    Again I say this as someone who has owned every Sony platform released usually day of release and often exclusively. Get your head out of your ass. The developers deserve to own the rights to their series.

    • SodApOp PIMPskz
    • June 18

    this list can not be for real. such pony drivel

  6. you make it sound like the exclusive is a great thing.

    when 90% of all the games are damn indie games >:/

    • RussellGorall
    • June 18

    H1Z1, which is what this post tree is about. That is from the developer’s statement, which was stated to you two inches above.

    • mobiusflame
    • June 18

    I wouldnt trust this list in it’s entirety for instance H1Z1 will not be an exclusive as sony has said that it will be on pc as well…

    • anhell28
    • June 18

    here is a simple way of shutting up xbone732p’ers, where are your free to play and indie games….non existent!

    games for gold sucks…you lose gold, you lose the games!

    without a gold membership…the xbone732p sucks and with it still sucks!

    i own a PS4 and a PSVITA and get 2 FREE games for each, EVERY MONTH!

    indie games are very creative and unique and i dont mind playing them between AAA titles.

    titanfail which was supposed to be a xbone732p killer app WASN’T!

    kinect for the xbone732p which is supposed to be so advanced compared to the ps camera FAILED all the while the ps camera was SOLD OUT everywhere and even sold for as much as $180 on ebay because people WANTED it!

    explain to me HOW is xbone732p any good?

    • Reaper
    • June 19

    Why are ppl hating on a list with 40 games? I have Ps4 and X1 and i am enjoying titanfall right now but i do have to say that the list of Microsoft games isnt nearly as big as this one and anyone who disgrees is nothing but fanboys… That being said i do have a lot of games in this list i want as well as my own list from X1… I do have to say though that while sunset overdrive is made by insomniac, which have made some awesome games, it doesnt really peak my interest although i will not blow it off without trying a demo or something out first

    • Reaper
    • June 19

    Having Indie games in between releases is not a bad thing and if you havent noticed MS is headed in the same direction… Its why they started that ID@xbox or whatever is called specificly for indie developers… Xboxs fans are dissin indie games until it hits xbox, then they call it a masterpeice smh

    • Reaper
    • June 19

    When they say exclusive they mean in consoles… PC is not considered a console… H1Z1 will be exclusive only in Sony console… Its the same way as Halo, its on PC too but its considered exclusive to xbox console

    • dragonrider
    • June 23

    flaming? i thought these guys where trolls? either way good job dude.
    delete these trash spewing comments.

    • dragonrider
    • June 23

    “patience grasshopper”

    If you can snatch the pebble from my hand more exclusive titles will come out sooner”

    “oops to slow, you can try again in 5 months”

    Seriously you’d think sony would schedule more than 3 releases to coincide with PS4’s release. šŸ™

    • Reaper
    • June 24

    Well both MS and Nintendo had a weak release just as much as Sony… If you havent noticed most game systems have very low number of games in their release and almost never include any AAA titles

    • dragonrider
    • June 27

    i know! šŸ™ you’d think one of these company’s would capitalize on that fact, and one up the other two?!?

    • matt
    • July 22

    It’s a good list of games, but a lot of these aren’t exclusive to PS4

    • Shane
    • July 28

    It’s amazing how many of these “exclusive” titles have been released or shall soon be released on other platforms.

    • ged
    • August 11

    Moto GP not a ps4 exclusive, it’s on 360(and the game is rubbish), TLOU not PS4 exclusive it’s on the PS3.
    The rest are mostly Naff indie games.
    Hunch the name Indistation4….

    • Reaper
    • August 11

    MOTOGP while it is rubbish is still an exclusive bc if you want to play it on a next gen console then you can only find it on PS4 and the last of us is still an exclusive bc you can only find it on a Sony Platform… Thats like saying that Halo collection is not an exclusive bc you can find it on the 360 when in reality is still exclusive bc you can only find it in Xbox consoles

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