During Sony’s E3 2014 presentation, Sony dropped one particular bomb shell that received only muted applause – Playstation TV will be coming to the West. There were than a few murmurings of “What is Playstation TV?”, an expectable question during a muddled and confusing 15 minuets of the presentation. Not to be confused with Playstation Now and the arrival of the service on Sony Bravia TV’s, Playstation TV is described as “Sony’s smallest console to date” and is definitely worth getting excited about.

So what is Playstation TV? Well, if you are follower of Sony’s world wide offerings, Playstation TV should be more familiar under the title “Playstation Vita TV”, the name of the device when it was released in the East. For what ever reason, Sony have ditched the “Vita TV” name for the West, perhaps because the Vita is not as strong a brand name in the West, and the little box of tricks is now named “Playstation TV”.

What does it do? Playstation TV could be considered a link to all of Sony’s other Playstation offerings. The little box is being touted as “the Netflix box of gaming” with the ability to stream or play PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 games. Here is a breakdown of its features.

PS Vita

Plays Playstation Vita Games. The Playstation Vita has been quietly building up an impressive library of exclusive games over the past few years. Games like Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, Danganronpa and Ragnarock Odyssey have been receiving rave reviews and one of the main features of Playstation TV is that you will be able to play the ever growing collection of hidden gems on a normal TV without the need for a Playstation Vita. Playstation TV has a slot for Playstation Vita game cards as well as access to the Playstation network to play literally thousands of classic PSP and PS1 games.

Remote Play for Playstation 4

ps tv


Remote Play has been a very useful feature of the PS Vita and PS4 since launch and now the Playstation TV is set to expand that even further. The remote play feature will allow gamers to start a game in their living room and finish it in the bedroom with a click of a button. Similarly, if you are off on a business trip and end up in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, plug in the Playstation TV to the hotels Ethernet and you can stream your Playstation 4 game play direct from your home, removing the need to carry a console with you. This remote play feature means you can take your Playstation 4 gaming where ever you do, either on the small screen of a Playstation Vita or on your mates 60″ LED screen with the Playstation TV functionality.

Playstation Now Streaming



Playstation Now is currently in its Beta phase but once it hits Europe, the Playstation TV device will allow streaming of the services library of PS3 games. Fancy a quick go on Uncharted 3 multiplayer but you are 1000 miles away from home? Not a problem. Plug in the Playstation TV box and away you go. All that is required is a Dualshock 3 pad and an internet connection.

All in all, the Playstation TV is shaping up to be a very useful mini-console. Where it be because you want to play some of the excellent Playstation Vita games but don’t want to own a Vita, if you frequently travel but still want to take your PS4 and PS3 gaming with you or if it’s just because the battle of living room TV supremacy is getting too much for you, the Playstation TV is stepping up to the plate. It is providing excellent value for money, having the same chipsets and software as the Playstation Vita and fits in the palm of your hand.

Playstation TV is due to release later this year in the UK and will cost £89.99.