The Six: Gaming mechanics that don’t make any sense

Eating to regain health? Double Jumping? What kind of black magic is this?

Whenever we switch on our PlayStations, we suspend our disbelief to escape into the world that the developers have created for us – but sometimes, things just don’t make sense. They wouldn’t ever work in the real world. Over time, we have come to accept that some things just work, that they are what they are, but it’s time to call them out for the insanity that they are. Without further ado, allow us to introduce “The Six: Game mechanics that just don’t make any sense”.

Food heals all wounds


Getting shot by a swarm of alien scum? Just chow down on a burger to boost your health. A griffin tore some chunks out of you in The Witcher 3? Just eat a steak to heal. A Creeper take you by surprise in Minecraft? Just eat a cookie. How. Does this. Work. It seems like somewhere along the winding path of gaming history, some bright spark had to come up with a way to heal game characters without using medikits and decided to use food as an alternative. This stuck and now the majority of games offer food as a healing source and it just doesn’t make sense.
Imagine walking into the Accident & Emergency room at a hospital with a broken leg and the doctor prescribing you with a Big Mac and fries? No. No sense at all.

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