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Here is the true meaning of Star Wars Battlefront VR

Take a look at this fun little video from Now This, it kind of shows the importance of Star Wars Battlefront VR

That’s right, if you’re in your late thirties this video will mean a lot to you. It showcases some of the Star Wars games we all grew up with that allows you to ‘fly’ an X-wing, something that we have all dreamed of since Star Wars hit the big screen.

It’s funny though, no matter how bad the graphics are, your imagination does the rest. Look at those wire frame Tie-Fighters! WOW I’m really there, This is the best game ever! It’s probably not, but you don’t care it’s Star Wars and you’re flying an X-wing. This weird kid from this 80’s kind of gets it perfectly. Oh how I love the 80’s

I remember playing wire frame Star Wars games, flying isometric Speeder Bikes in a weird arcade game. I remember playing Luke three times in the Super Star Wars series, all of which were a bit crap in hindsight. Actually to be fair I think all the Star Wars games I have ever played haven’t aged well, not like me of course. But who cares. I’m Luke and I’m fighting Womprats with my light saber, I’m flying my pixellated Snow Speeder around the legs of a pixellated AT-AT Walker.  It was the stuff of dreams and harks back to the days in the playground where a climbing frame was the Millenium Falcon and the park bench was the Death Star. As long as you had imagination, you had the whole Star Wars Universe at your finger tips.

And that’s what video games have been trying to do since I can remember, put you in fantasy worlds, where you can play your hero, explore worlds you’ve never dreamed of. It could be the weird house of Jet Set Willy, you could be exploring L.A in Grand Theft Auto or you could be racing round the Nurumberg Ring in Gran Turismo. or, in the case of a friend of mine, pulling a Hamstring because you jumped with fright while playing P.T

The point is up to until now, games have done their best to provide you with a world to explore, but even the most detailed and rich environments with the most iconic heroes take a little imagination to fully immerse you in that world. But now that’s all going to change with the advent of PSVR.

With the PSVR Sony are bringing cheap (ish) Virtual Reality to the masses. A headset you can strap on and literally be whisked to a new world and actually be there. StarWars Battlefront VR is a prime example. Finally we get to (almost) sit in the pilot seat of the iconic X-Wing and see and feel what it’s like to be in a dog fight  with loads of Tie-Fighters. Finally we get to grasp the shear size of Star Destroyers. Finally we can be the hero we’ve been dreaming of for the past 35 years or so.

It’s a massive leap in video games, and how they can be played and is a really exciting time. Thankfully I no longer have to lean from side to side to side to side pretending to dodge pixellated  laser fire like this kid in the video. Instead I will have to dodge side to side because I think accurately rendered laser fire is actually going to hit me and cause my X-Wing to crash! That can never be good in the heat of a dog fight as you desperately do your best to reach the trench of the looming Death Star. And you don’t even have The Force to help you!!! ARGGGGHHHHH! That could be a way worse than ever falling off that climbing frame.

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