At E3 this year Sony announced that GTA V would be coming to PS4. This kind of sent shock waves around the show for, in most part because Rockstar don’t really do E3 and to have an exclusive announcement like this was a big steal for Sony.

There was also the obligatory trailer, which showed GTA V running on PS4, and boy did it look good. But how good? Lets be honest, GTA V on las-gen was arguably the best looking game from that generation, Could Rockstar really improve the game that much?

Well, the answer is an absolute YES. Thanks to this video from those fine folks over at Digital Foundry. As you can see from the trailer below, Everything but everything has been improved, The lighting, the textures, the sheer amount of traffic and NPCs, this isn’t just a rezzed up remastered version, this is, to all intents and purposes a whole new game.

Just look at those waves at the start, and the motorways, and the grass, it all looks utterly amazing. There are some technical reason for this, something which I won’t even try to understand or describe. For that head over to Eurogamer

But I guess the big question is, would all this new graphical fidelity make you go out and buy the game again? For me the answer is yes.