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5 Things PlayStation Gamers can do instead of playing Sunset Overdrive

You may have heard that a little game that goes by the name of Sunset Overdrive is releasing this week and, unfortunately, it’s an Xbox One exclusive – but don’t despair. While Xbox One owners will be playing Sunset Overdrive, there are plenty of other activities that we PlayStation gamers can get up to and we decided to make a list of suggestions.

Note: This is written in jest and, even though we might be a little salty that we won’t be able to play Sunset Overdrive unless we go out and buy an Xbox One, please don’t take this seriously. We certainly didn’t.

1). Play Resistance 3

Why not relive the good old days by playing Resistance 3. Take a trip down memory lane to a time when Sony and Insomniac Games were like two pees in a pod and we PlayStation gamers took them for granted. Probably some of their finest work, Resistance 3 made up for all of the mistakes of Resistance 2 and then some by being one of the greatest shooters of the last console generation.

2). Go paintballing on roller blades with a van full of Red Bull

Sunset Overdrive is all about shooting energy-drink infused mutant enemies while grinding around a colourful city – but why waste your time doing this in a game when you can do it IN REAL LIFE! Pull on your best pair of in-line Bauers skates, bungle all of your mates into the back of a van, ply them with a few crates of their favourite caffeine-infused refreshments and then unleash them on the local skate-park. You can then give them a new coat of paint till your heart’s content.
Disclaimer: No, we don’t really suggest you do any of that. It sounds dangerous. And expensive.

3). Argue about the console war online

What better time to shout about how great the PS4 sales, number of exclusives, Metacritic ratings etc are? While the Xbox One owners are tucking into Sunset Overdrive, the PS4 fans can spout the gospel according to Sony where ever they please while the opposition is too busy to respond.

4).Play Lords of the Fallen

In a strange turn of events, Square Enix and developers Deck13 have announced that Lords of the Fallen has a new EU release date and – surprise! – its tomorrow. The Action RPG was originally due out on Friday but now it will be available both digitally and at retail tomorrow. The game will please beard and facial tattoo enthusiasts alike as the main character has an impressive bush of chin fluff and some mean looking ink to boot. Lords of the Fallen was a game that left a really positive impression on me when I got my hands on it at Gamescom 2014, channelling the positives of a From Software classic but feeling more than just another Dark Souls clone. Hell of an alternative to Sunset Overdrive…

5). Tackle the pile of shame

For a console that has no games, the PS4 sure does have a lot of games (not to brag, but my collection is now at 91 games) and if you are anything like me, you are already building up a PS4 pile of shame – those games that you start and, for one reason or another, neglect to finish. Why not use this lull in AAA PS4 exclusives by removing a few from the pile and finally finishing them off. The probability is, you have a PS3 and Vita pile of shame too so it may be high tide you dig them out too and give them some long over due attention. At least this way you will be too busy to read all of the “Sunset Overdrive is soooooooooo the best game ever made ever” comments that are bound to arrive tomorrow – at least until LittleBigPlanet 3 arrives.

In all seriousness though, It is great to see Insomniac Games spread their wings and there was little doubt in my mind that the Sunset Overdrive would be anything less than fantastic. The studio produced some of my favourite PlayStation games of all time in the shape of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance 3 and a studio of that calibre almost always deliver something special and I can’t wait to see what they do with the Ratchet & Clank remake when they finally return to the PlayStation fold.

Sean Davies

Heart Failure Analyst by day, Review Editor by night. Co-Founder of, father to 3 and avid trophy hunter.


    • Piru
    • October 27

    I’ll give you 5 reasons:

    1) The last of us
    2) The last of us
    3) The last of us
    4) The last of us
    5) The last of us

    • Anders
    • October 27

    I don’t need Sunset Overdrive. Fredom Wars on Vita is a far better alternative.

  1. Anders – That is a terrific suggestion.

    • lol
    • October 27

    PS4 has plenty of good games with more on the way.

    Both consoles have good games right now.

  2. Lol – absolutely. Going back to Infamous: Last Light and Killzone SF. And thanks for pointing out Listwars. Great site.

    • Trophy Whore
    • October 28

    “Dedicated trophy whore” eh? Now you got me curious. Care to share your trophy statistics?

    • TRUTH
    • October 28

    LOL, so desperate. Poor paupers.

    • John Nemesh
    • October 28

    How about rant against an overly biased “click bait” article that isn’t worth the electrons it’s printed with? Your Xbox bias is blatant, and frankly, offensive. In any case, I would rather go get a root canal than play Sunset Overhype. I am sure, with your Jr. High mentality, you will be highly amused by the crass humor of the game, but most people will see it for what it is…a rather boring mess of a game that is trying WAY too hard to be cool.

    I have 127+ OTHER games I can play on my PS4…and as of today, I can SHARE those games with my friends who may have not yet purchased them. Beat that, fanboy!

    • BLFaults
    • November 2

    No matter how you look at it there will always be an arse that thinks they know all, even i think that at times but what I’m 100% sure of is no console is better than the other. There will always be a war between them and what some are aware of is that although it is negotiable they both are the same and will release similar games. Sunset Overdrive is actually a rather beautiful, fun and well developed game that lived to some of its hype compared to Watch Dogs and Titan Fall (Though their hype was overrated they were still ok games). Just because Xbox got another exclusive doesn’t mean that they deserve these comments, to prove a better angle I was upset that Uncharted was only for playstation but that didn’t make me complain because i know that this won’t end. Can you even imagine playing uncharted on Xbox, it would be horrid and it’s the same as Halo on Playstation. Now although this might have made little sense due to my habit of not being clear, I’m sure that by now you should not criticise a game. All games are beautiful in their own way and its up to you to realise which way it is, Gaming is the next form of Art.

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