TellTale games are on top of their game right now. When it comes to story telling, it is a close call between Naughty Dog and these masters of episodic games as to who holds the crown. The Walking Dead was the series that really shot TellTale to stardom but before that, they created 3 genuinely funny and clever seasons of Sam & Max, the wonderful Tales of Monkey Island and the under appreciated Jurassic Park: The Game and Back To The Future: The Game. They really are masters of their craft.

Now that The Wolf Among Us has ran its course and The Walking Dead Season 2 is coming to a close, some of its hundreds of staff must be eyeing up their next project – even with Tales From The Borderlands, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead Season 3 on the horizon. If they are looking for any suggestions, here is our wishlist of 5 franchises we would love Telltale to take a stab at.

Both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead were based on graphic novels and if Telltale were looking for another worthy of being turned into a game series built of story driven episodes, they needn’t look any further than DMZ. The comic series is set in the near future during the second American civil war between the forces of the United States and the Free States of America. Manhattan has been turned into a demilitarized zone (hence the name) and main character Matty Roth, a journalist, reports on the goings on inside it. The series ran for 72 issues before ending in 2012 but DMZ is still considered to be a classic and Syfy have even ordered a TV series based on Matty Roths adventures. DMZ has quite a unique art style and Telltale have a track record of maintaining the look and feel of their sources and that is why DMZ has made this list. A great story line combined with the unique art design and Telltales trademark game play could make a potent mix.

Battlestar Galactica
The Battlestar Galactica universe is so fleshed out and deep that there are so many stories to be told, not necessarily those of the main characters either, that it had to make this list – mostly because it is unlikely that these stories will ever see the light of day by any other avenue that would do them justice. The future of Battlestar Galactica is almost none existent on TV but it if the series is to continue, I can think of no better way that in a Telltale game series. Perhaps they could introduce a new cast of characters to face the Cylons in the early days of the war on humans? Or maybe we could get to play as a Cylon during the civil war? The possibilities here are endless.

I wish I could claim to be the source of this idea but the origin is this petition that I stumbled across while doing a little research on Telltale. Archer is one of the funniest programs on TV and the intelligent but quirky wit sits well with Telltales previous work on Sam & Max, a game series that triggers more than a few belly laughs. Telltale previously confessed to wanting to work on a James Bond game but I hope they see the potential in an Archer game or that petition gains traction. I, for one, would definitely enter the DANGER ZONE!

The Killing

The final season of The Killing recently arrived on Netflix and brings the US adaption to a tidy ending – but we want more. There are periods between the seasons of The Killing which are unexplored and cases are mentioned from Linden and Holders past which could make excellent Telltale episodes. The biggest draw to The Killing is the emotion and character interaction, something that Telltale have proven they are can blend naturally into games (a la The Walking Dead). A Telltale “Whodunit?” murder mystery with a character driven story sounds fantastic.

Sin City

Frank Millers Sin City is another comic book series that has a stark, bold art style and memorable, strong characters that deserve a video game adaption. There was a Sin City game in production a few years back at Red Mile Entertainment but it never made it to market, but if there is ever going to be another stab at it, Telltale should hold the knife. There respect for art styles, story telling and character development means that they are amongst only a hand full of studios that could pull this off and maybe Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For will once again propel the series into the lime light and justify Telltales involvement.

Of course, inclusion means exclusion and there are a lot of other TV shows, Movies, Books, Comics and even other games that we would love to see Telltale get their creative hands on – X-Files, Cluedo and Transformers Generation being 3 that didn’t quite make the cut – and we would love to hear your thoughts on franchises they could do wonders with. Sound off in the comments section.