10 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC for short) is quickly approaching and this feels like the perfect excuse to combine 2 subjects we love here at PSGamer – Comics and Games.

Over the years there have been quite a few video games based on comic book characters. Most of these games have been created to tie in with a movie release (Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, Thor) or have been ensemble games (Marvel Ultimate Alliance, LEGO Batman) but there are some fantastic examples where, given to the right studio, a comic book can inspire amazing games. The Arkham series, The Walking Dead (which is more closely related to the comics than the TV series) and some of the Spider-Man games have been outstanding so we decided to come up with this list of 10 Comic Book Characters that deserve their own game and could sit alongside these greats.

1. Moon Knight


Moon Knight has often been called “Marvels answer to Batman” but has never reached the Dark Knights hight of popularity. For those who don’t know Moon Knight, he gets his powers from the ancient Egyptian moon-god Khonshu and is granted super strength, reflexes and endurance during the different phases of the lunar cycle. Moon Knight has never really had ground breaking story lines but his moon-powered abilities are the reason why he is on this list. Gaining power from moon light and gaining new powers and abilities as the full moon approaches could act as an interesting game play mechanic in an open world crime fighting game. Moon Knight may not be a top tier super hero but there is quite a lot of potential here to make a great game.

2. Wonder Woman


Can you believe that Wonder Woman has never had her own game? The amazing Amazonian has made appearances in Injustice, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Lego Batman and the Justice League Task Force game on the SNES but has never had her own standalone game. It’s quite shocking to think that the most popular and instantly recognisable super-heroine of all time has not had her own game – she has plenty of excellent story lines, brutal villains and a great back story to fill a game but it has never happened. Hey, DC. Make this happen please.

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    • dragonrider
    • July 16

    What the H!!! No superman, No doctor strange,No Sentry, or Venom, or Green Arrow, or daredevil,or the Flash!!!! Dude……. your list is depressing. 🙁

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