Get your kicks today with a Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launch trailer and new details

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The latest version of 2012 fighter, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round now has a launch trailer leading up to its release in a few short weeks, as well as some new details about what players can expect from the upgrade.

Most notably players will be able to transfer save files from the PS3 version DOA5 Ultimate and all purchased DLC to DOA5 Last Round on the PS4.  Last Round will also feature 400 open and unlockable costumes including 31 new costumes designed by the DOA community.

For those of you who haven’t tried DOA5 yet and want to give it a try KOEI Tecmo is releasing a free-to-download version on PS4 called Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: CORE FIGHTERS.  You’ll be able to access 4 playable characters (Ayane, Hayate, Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa) and almost every game mode will be available to play within the free version.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches in Europe on February 20th and February 17th in North America.  It will be available physically and digitally on the PS4 while the PS3 version will only be available digitally.

ArcaniA: The Complete Story will be questing the PS4 in 2015

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Nordic Games are jumping onto the HD remaster band wagon by giving ArcaniA: The Complete Story a high-res make over and releasing it on the PS4 in 2015.

ArcaniA: The Complete Story is already available on the PS3 (trailer below) which combines ArcaniA 4 (which you might know better as Gothic 4) and its expansion ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif into one package.

Arcania The Complete Tale PS4Set in a fantasy world similar to that of the Elder Scrolls, ArcaniA: The Complete Story’s main protagonist returns from an adventure to find that his town has been put to the torch. Setting out for revenge, he discovers that there is a dark force at play and that his fate is linked to that of a beautiful, mysterious lady as well as a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten distant past.

There is no solid release date for ArcaniA: The Complete Story on PS4 apart from “2015” but if you missed this when it releases on the PS3 and you are looking for a fantasy RPG to fill the current void, this may be the game for you.

ArcaniA: The Complete Story is available to pre-order on the PS4 on Amazon now.


New Godzilla screenshots bring the destruction

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Bandai Namco have been dropping new screenshots for the Godzilla game like the titular G-powered lizard drops his gigantic foes.

Godzilla is stomping his way on to the PS3 and PS4 in Europe in the summer 2015 and will feature some of Godzillas most famous MacGuffins like Mothra & King Ghidorah.


Sony Online Entertainment is no more. Say hello to Daybreak Game Studio

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No, this isn’t a studio who’s only aim is to produce breakfast TV simulators, Daybreak Game Studio is the new name for Sony Online Entertainment which was recently purchased by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm based in New York.

SOE are known for some excellent online multiplayer games such as EverQuest, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and H1Z1 and have been creating games since 1999!

“Sony Online Entertainment, newly rebranded as Daybreak, is a great addition to our existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. We see tremendous opportunities for growth with the expansion of the company’s game portfolio through multi-platform offerings as well as an exciting portfolio of new quality games coming up, including the recently launched H1Z1 and the highly anticipated EverQuest Next to be released in the near future,” said Jason Epstein, Senior Partner of Columbus Nova. “The recent Early Access launch success of H1Z1 is just one testament to the talent and dedication of the studio’s developers to create great online gaming experiences.”

“We are excited to join Columbus Nova’s impressive roster of companies. They have a proven track record in similar and related industries and we are eager to move forward to see how we can push the boundaries of online gaming,” said John Smedley, President, Daybreak Game Company. “We will continue to focus on delivering exceptional games to players around the world, as well as bringing our portfolio to new platforms, fully embracing the multi-platform world in which we all live.”

A letter was sent out to various partners and gamers stating that any current games that are in developement shall continue their progress with everything being “Business as usual” This is soothing words as for a moment I was worried H1Z1 would be canned, delayed or something. Anyways, you can read the letter below

Dear Players, Partners and Friends,

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm well-known for its success with its existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile and more!

As part of this transition, SOE will now become Daybreak Game Company. This name embodies who we are as an organization, and is a nod to the passion and dedication of our employees and players. It is also representative of our vision to approach each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward.

So what exactly does this mean for you? It will be business as usual and all SOE games will continue on their current path of development and operation. In fact, we expect to have even more resources available to us as a result of this acquisition. It also means new exciting developments for our existing IP and games as we can now fully embrace the multi-platform world we are living in.

Our games and players are the heart and soul of our organization, and we are committed to maintaining our portfolio of online games and pushing the limits of where we can take online gaming together.

Thank you for your continued support. See you in game!

The Team at Daybreak

Battlefield Hardline Beta Trailer reveals latest details

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The folks over at EA and Visceral Games have delivered a blistering new trailer showcasing the latest details to be featured in Battlefield Hardline. Including but not limited to the 30 new gadgets being rolled out (compressed gas grappling hook, uh YES!). Players will also have access to laser trip mines and the tracer dart gun to give them a distinct tactical advantage. I could tell you the rest, but I reckon you’d rather see them for yourself, have a look.

The Battlefield Hardline Open Beta goes live on PS3 and PS4 starting February 3rd.

The Life Is Strange Launch Trailer

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Episode 1 of Life Is Strange, titled Chrysalis, lands on PS4 and PS3 (as well as Xbox 360 and Xbox One) tomorrow and to celebrate, we have the obligatory launch trailer.

Playstation says goodbye to Music Unlimited and hello to Spotify

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Today Sony has shaken up their music platform a little with the announcement of a new service called Playstation Music.  What does this mean exactly?  Well–Playstation Music will have one exclusive means of delivering tunes to your ears and that is their partner–the music streaming giant–Spotify.  But that also means that Sony’s Music Unlimited service will come to its end.

Playstation Network users will be able to simply link their accounts to Spotify and have access to a wealth of music and playlist options–that will also be available during gameplay, but only on PS4.

The new service will launch initially on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets in 41 markets.  The 19 markets in which Music Unlimited will be shutting down is said to be “nearly covered” by the new service according to a Playstation Blog post.  These countries include U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

The Music Unlimited service is set to shutdown on March 29, 2015, but subscribers (with active subscriptions) will be able to access the service free of charge starting February 28th, 2015, giving them a month of free access.

We will do our best to update you on these changes, but Sony has also provided means to get updates on Playstation’s transition to Spotify right here.

PlayStation console exclusive Dragon’s Dogma Online announced

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MMORPG’s are undergoing a mini-revival these days and Capcom is the latest to get aboard the band wagon with Dragon’s Dogma Online – and it is a PS3 and PS4 console exclusive.

UPDATE: Capcom have released the first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma Online:


Set in the same universe as the PS3 title Dragon’s Dogma, this free-to-play MMO will let you and 3 friends team up to battle it out against monsters, ghouls and huge dragons. A few scans from the latest Famitsu which revealed Dragon’s Dogma Online are below;

Coming from Kento Kinoshita, the director of the original Dragons Dogma, and producer Minae Matsukawa who also worked on the 2 of the Ace Attorney titles, Dragons Dogma 2 promises open world adventures, a lobby area supporting up to 100 players, dragons, ongoing content updates, timed events, dragons and did I mention dragons?

There are currently no announcements of a US or European release for Dragon’s Dogma Online but we can at least pray that Capcom see the need for this on our shores.