Hitman Recreated in real life

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Forget about the forgettable Hitman movies, Take a look at this brilliant reconstruction of IO Interactive’s Hitman games in real life. Read More

GTA V gets Watchdogs Mod. Best thing ever

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We all know the disappointment felt with Watch Dogs, The E3 showcase got every gamer excited and thrilled with potential next-gen hacking. The Reality however didn’t quite live up to the hype. The game consisted of just a few options to change traffic lights, raise barriers and, well that’s about it. Shame

Step up GTA V and the magnificent modding community. JulioNIB has engineered a whole bunch of Watch Dogs type hacks into GTA V meaning the already chaotic open world just got even more chaotic. Sure you can change lights and raise barriers but you can make cars accelerate, Even derail trains (which if you have tried before is a hefty task normally) and generally cause all sorts of mischief that the actual Watch Dogs can only dream of.

Basically it’s what we all have ever wanted from GTA V. You can download it here.

Original PlayStation Unboxing

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On september 9th 1995 Sony unleashed the Original PlayStation in North America and pretty much changed console gaming forever! Read More

The Hum: Abductions VR Mirror looks to be a hit with gamers

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Developers Totwise have today release a new trailer for The Hum: Abductions which highlights one particular aspect of their proof of concept build – A VR Mirror! Read More

Horizon: Zero Dawn ~ Aloy Cosplay Guide

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Who want’s to get prepared for next years E3 or Comicon? or just want to dress up like a Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn? Read More