BigFest comes to PS Vita today

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BigFest, the music sim where you can promote real unsigned bands comes out today exclusively for the PS Vita.

XDev Europe partnered with Jamendo to deliver an updated catalog of these artists for players to promote at their own digital music festivals. Check out the launch trailer below to see what BigFest is all about. If you check it out today drop us a comment letting us know what you think.

Source: Playstation Blog

Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4

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Vince Zampella, the founder and CEO of Respawn Entertainment spoke with IGN today and confirmed Titanfall 2’s development, and that it will be released on multiple platforms, including the PS4.  This also marks the first time the game’s existence has actually been acknowledged by Respawn.

This interview happened prior to tonight’s BAFTAs.

Zampella had this to say:

“I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too. Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.”

The original Titanfall was a Xbox/PC exclusive, so Playstation gamers never got a chance to experience the multiplayer heavy FPS.

There was more info from that interview, but we want to give you our interpretation of the news when more is available.  But hey, in the meantime it’s pretty awesome to finally hear that Titanfall is coming to Playstation.  In the meantime keep your eyes fixed to PSGamer for breaking news on Titanfall 2 and all things Playstation.

[Source: IGN]

Atlus is bringing Lost Dimension to Europe and the West

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Persona 5 isn’t the only game Atlus wants you to be excited about.  They are bringing the tactical JRPG, Lost Dimension, to both Europe (via NISA) and the US.  It will be coming exclusively to both PS3 (yes PS3) and the PS Vita with PS TV support.

The fate of the world is in the hand of 11 psychically gifted warriors who must stave of The End, an extraterrestrial that is looking to bring about the end of the world.

Some of the key features in the game include:

  • A Cataclysmic Whodunnit! – Not only will players have to keep their eyes focused on strategically defeating the enemies laying in wait on the field of combat, but they need to carefully watch party members’ tendencies in order to expose the traitor. At the end of every floor, players will be forced to vote and eliminate one of their trusted allies, and the consequences for choosing incorrectly could be dire…
  • Spoiler-Free Zone – In addition to a variety of game mechanics to help assess teammate loyalty, Lost Dimension‘s traitor system is randomly determined, assuring that no two players will be faced with the same playthrough. Sorry, kiddies, but it’s impossible to look up the answers this time around.
  • Psychic Warlords – Each character in the party is a master of a different sphere of powers. There’s the girl who controls molecular behavior to burn or freeze anything/anyone in her path. There’s the guy who can teleport all around (also with the bonus superpower of being satisfyingly cocky). And there’s even someone with an identity crisis because all he knows how to do is steal everyone else’s powers!
  • Keep Your Friends Close… – In between battles, players will have the option to chat with teammates and develop closer bonds with them. Juggling these friendships and keeping track of who participates in battle will be the key to sussing out the traitors and assuring that, by the time you reach The End, it won’t be… the end… for you and your allies!

Lost Dimension is slated for a summer release in both Europe and America and will run you $39.99.

DiscStorm brings arena combat to the PS Vita

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The small studio at XMPT games is bringing frenetic arena based combat to the PS Vita in the form of DiscStorm.  The genesis of the idea for DiscStorm came out of a group of friends/developers that enjoyed playing classic multiplayer matches together–something akin to their experiences with Bomberman.

After much searching the group didn’t find anything compelling on the market and decided to take a crack at it themselves.

Enter DiscStorm.

The game sounds like Tron, but even more hardcore.  With numerous gameplay modes, players will find something to latch onto that’ll keep them and their friends occupied for a long time.

While multiplayer might have been their initial inspiration, they wanted to create a single player experience that was commensurate with the former.  Nuanced boss fights, beautiful pixel graphics and a rad chiptune soundtrack are just a few things XMPT wanted to do with DiscStorm to recreate that 90s gaming vibe.

The game will have trophies, online leaderboards and multiplayer as well as the ability for two players to play locally on a single Vita.

That’s it for now on DiscStorm, but for more on it and all things PS Vita keep yourself glued to PSGamer.

PAX East 2015 – SEVERED – Hands-on Impressions

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I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Drinkbox Studios to check out their follow up to Guacamelee, Severed, and in the interest of full disclosure, it’s fantastic.


First thing that I noticed about Severed is the art style, it’s gorgeous.  It is very reminiscent of Guacamelee, sharing some of the same color palette and design while incorporating its own unique dreamscape architecture.  Tonally, Severed is very different.  Guacamelee had a irreverent tone which worked well within the context of that world, but Severed is thematically much darker.  Afterall you play as a girl who just had her arm chopped off.  The original score for the game from YAMANTANKA//SONIC TITAN and Pantayo also seeks to reinforce the mood set by the art and narrative–immersing the player even more into the already richly designed world.

Tone aside, where Severed really stands out is how it fuses multiple gameplay mechanics into one cohesive experience by taking advantage of PS Vita’s interface.

It is a first person touch based dungeon crawler with tons of explorative elements, environmental puzzles and combat.  The explorative components remind me very much of early PC adventure games where you’d enter an area, look around, and have to really canvas each area to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Severed nails this aspect of design while respecting your time, giving you bite sized collectibles while you traverse the world.  Each section is small, but there is really so much to soak up.  There is also a dash of the metroidvania gridded map design too, which is rad.

The 20 or so minute demo didn’t really bring me to many of the game’s puzzles, but I did experience a good amount of combat which calls back to my time with games like Infinity Blade and Fruit Ninja, for various reasons.  The combat is all touch based and rewards you for playing smart, delicately and patiently.  Attacking, countering and parrying all require you to strike with precision and reward you with energy for your Sever meter and body parts that allow you to upgrade the one-armed heroine.  If you wish to play hastily you will not only detract from your own experience, you’ll have a much harder time leveling up.

I truly enjoyed the demo for Severed, but in conjunction with my time with it, I had a chance to sit down and have a brief conversation with Chris McQuinn, one of the designers at Drinkbox Studios about Severed and what is in store for the future of the studio.

Me:What made you (Drinkbox) want to go in this direction after doing something like Guacamelee?

Chris: We have been doing Guac for so long, we’ve made 48,000 versions of it, put it on 58 different platforms, that at some point you just need to do something different, right?  Or you get stale as a studio and you get bored.  And we wanted to do something far out in right field, or is it left field, I don’t know.  We had a Game Jam 8 months ago and this was one of the ideas.  Severed was one of the ideas that came up from it and we’re going with it.

Me: What is Drinkbox’s motivation to keep developing games for Vita?

Chris: There is a bunch of factors.  One, we like our Vitas personally, it’s a good piece of hardware, it’s easy to work with, it’s a strong piece of hardware.  As far as being a viable platform for us from a developer’s point of view, it’s very viable.  The install base isn’t huge, it’s not small, but the thing about Vita owners which we’ve seen from our previous titles Mutant Blobs Attack and Guacamelee on the Vita is that they sell really well.  So Vita owners buy video games, they are hardcore gamers and they buy video games.  And so for us it’s a no brainer really.

Me:  When can we expect to see Severed?

Chris: I don’t know.  That’s not true, we want it out this Summer.  So soon.  We have all the levels made.  We’re just now going back polishing, iterating and throwing in some new ideas, seeing what works, seeing what sucks, stuff like that.

Me:  Is the plan to keep it on Vita or can we expect a PS4 release as well?

Chris:  The nature of the game would make it difficult on the Playstation 4.  The touch mechanic is a very underlying core mechanic and I think it’d be tough to make the transition.  With that said the Vita is our focus right now, but in the future who knows, I think we will evaluate once we finally get it finished for the Vita.

Me:  Where do you see Drinkbox going in the future, perhaps another Game Jam, or do you already have an idea of what you are going to do next?

Chris: I think a bunch of those things, right now we have another project we are working on internally, it’s at a very early stage.  So that’s happening, Severed, I think we are going to keep on thinking of new ideas, and just pushing it a bit.  I imagine with that said though we’ll probably come back eventually to some of our older games, you know.  Will there be a Guacamelee 2 in the future, probably.  I don’t know when, but we need a break from Guacamelee (laughter ensues).  But will it be back in a few years, probably.

Me: Alright Chris thank you for taking to the time to speak with me and I hope the rest of your show goes well.

Chris:  Same to you!

Fantastic folks over at Drinkbox Studios.  Super passionate and really understand the Vita and its audience.  We hope you are as excited for Severed as we are and be sure to stay glued to PSGamer for all things about Severed and PS Vita.

4 player brawler, Super Dungeon Bros, is coming to PS4

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The Castle Crashers-esque brawler from React!Games, Super Dungeon Bros, is making its way to PS4. Players will be able to buddy up with up to three others to take on ever changing dungeons of Rökheim, while rocking out to some heavy metal tunes.
Most notable feature of Super Dungeon Bros is the cross platform play with PC, giving you option to play with PSN friends or your PC brethren, very cool.

If you don’t have any bros there will be a single player campaign for you to play through–on your own, sadly.

super dungeon bros

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is coming to PS4 in May

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Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster would be hitting PS4 exclusively on May 12th in North America and the game will be priced at $49.99.


The notable features of this release include:

  • Cross-Save Functionality – Players can transfer their save and continue their progress across the PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®3 system, and the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system. (PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita versions sold separately.)
  • Ability to Switch Between Original and Remastered Soundtrack – Play FINAL FANTASY X with the beautifully remastered soundtrack or, new to the PlayStation®4 system version, switch back to the original classic tracks.
  • Remote play – Supported for the Playstation®Vita handheld entertainment system.

Aside from the inclusion of FFX/X-2, the remastered version coming to PS4 includes Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission, both being previously unavailable outside the Japanese market.

If the calendar pictured above (art done by Yoshitaka Amano) interests you can pre-order it now at the Square Enix Online Store.

The PS4 release is coming a little over a year after the PS3/Vita launch, will you be getting it again?


Slender: The Arrival is coming to PS4, here’s the trailer

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The popular indie horror game, Slender: The Arrival, is making its way to the PS4 in March.  Be sure to check out the trailer below and tell us what your favorite horror games are in the comments.

Dragon Quest Heroes is getting a western release

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Square Enix announced today that Dragon Quest Heroes is officially coming to North America and Europe in 2015 exclusively on PS4.  Heroes is going to be a full scale action RPG, a first for the series, but will not lose sight of what has made the series special.  Additionally Akira Toriyama (world renown artist) is reprising his role within the series designing the characters and the monsters that will populate the world.

dragon quest heroesKoei Tecmo’s Omega Force studio is also assisting in the development of the game, bringing their high pedigree of design for action games to the table.

This will be the first Dragon Quest game to hit consoles since Dragon Quest VIII in 2004.  Excluding the 2012 Japan only release of Dragon Quest X (which was a MMORPG).

[Source: Square Enix]