When we decided on a PlayStation only site, we wanted to create a home for our love of PlayStation. Be it the love letters to the rich heritage of PlayStation past or looking forward to the latest games heading to PS4, The PSVita and the mysterious Project Morpheus. At PSGamer if it works on PlayStation, we’re all over it.

Based in London, our small team strive to bring you the most interesting features, game reviews and most up to date news we can find. There are great things happening in the world of gaming, with the PlayStation 4 at the forefront of pushing technology and story telling to the limits.

But we’re not all about AAA titles, we love indie developers and do our best to bring you all the latest happenings in the world of the small independent studios. We feel lucky to have been involved in games since the days of the PS1 (and earlier) and are willing to discuss, debate and even argue about the things you care about the most.

We hope you enjoy the blog, feel thirsty to get involved and have a laugh along the way.

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Sean Davies
Position:Founder/Editor in Chief
Twitter: @Omac_brother

Paul Collett
Position: Founder/Editor/Advertising

The PSGamer Review Policy

  1. PSGamer allocate review scores based on a 100-point scale ranging from 0.0-10.0, 10.0 being the highest score we can give. A 0.0 score is given when we were unable to complete a game because of technical, design or execution issues with the title. A score of 10 is granted to the very best games of a genre – this is not to say that any game is perfect (does that even exist in a subjective sense?) but that we highly recommend that you play that title.
  2. We will never accept any compensation or monetary reward for reviewing a title, reserve the right to score a game or product however we see fit, and expect that in no way will our scores affect future relationships.
  3. We will only publish a review of a game once we have had enough time to form a fair judgement. If we have not played enough of a game before an embargo date, our review will be delayed until our reviewer believes they have had sufficient time. We would prefer out reviews to be late and trustworthy rather than on time and rushed.
  4. We will adhere to strict embargoes set by publishers and developers when requested too.
  5. All of our reviews will display clearly what platform they are based on.
  6. All of our reviews will contain full disclosure of how we obtained the product for review – whether that be via a publisher, developer, kickstarter backing or if we purchased the game ourselves.